Event Marketing

303 Barbecue

Jim Grasser of 303 Barbecue came to us with a unique opportunity—to help him acquire sponsors for his barbecue tour across America. With 38 competitions, an RV, and a pit that’s hard to miss, 303 Barbecue had a smoking offer for the building industry—all that was missing? Purposeful event marketing.

Featuring sizzling visuals and bold, pun-tastic copy, we built out a brochure, a website, and a wrap for 303 Barbecue’s RV. Breaking down the benefits for building brands to encourage them to blaze the trail alongside the “pitmaster,” we also developed a three-tiered sponsorship program.

303 Barbecue now has purposeful marketing materials to utilize on its sponsorship journey.

Client Quote:
“It looks bad ass! Your team absolutely knocked this out of the park and I’m incredibly proud of how everything turned out.”-  Jim Grasser

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