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Helping you build customer loyalty, brand reputation and your bottom line with an exceptional website, ER Marketing will put our distinct perspective and results-driven creative to work. With 20 plus years of experience in the advertising industry, we know what matters in building effective, responsive and technically optimized websites for our customers.

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Growing in an Online World

We provide comprehensive website design, development, project management, information architecture and client technical support.


We’re content management system (CMS) platform agnostic, so we’re not limited to WordPress, although that is the most popular CMS for several reasons, including a vast theme selection and unlimited storage space under the business plan.

Websites for All Purposes

Most important is your planned use of a website, such as eCommerce, or to provide information and services to your prospects and customers. Whatever your purpose, we know you want a site that is easy to navigate and secure.


We create websites with a mobile-first presence since most users are now using their phones instead of desktops.

Pre & Post-Launch

Once everything has been tested and works perfectly, it’s time to plan and execute the site launch. This will include planning both launch timing and communication strategies, including when the site will launch and how we’ll promote it. We will also put some final touches on the site, including:


Development gives life and movement to static designs and allows users to view the website through web browsers. This is done by translating the design into coding languages that can be interpreted and displayed in web browsers.



With ongoing website technical health optimizations, we will provide everything covered with maintenance, plus continually check the website’s technical health and code structure to meet best practices and address issues.


Designed for SEO

If web browsers, such as Google, can’t crawl and index your website, your site doesn’t exist. SEO helps enhance user experience, increases your website speed, creates security for your site, improves your URL structure and increases conversion rates.

Site Structure

Every site designed by ER Marketing is structured to make crawling and indexing as efficient as possible. This includes categorizing your pages into their specific silos to determine the best URL structure for your pages. Pages closer to your domain carry more authority than those further away, so we design your site to signal search engines the most important pages on your site.

SEO Evaluation

Audit existing website page rankings, determine which pages need to be re-directed to new website, develop list of target keywords and phrases for content development, identify technical solutions, such as platforms.

Building with the Best

We're only as good as those we've partnered with, which is why we seek to partner with the best.

Building with the Best

We're only as good as those we've partnered with, which is why we seek to partner with the best.

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