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In “Building Better Brands: Essential Marketing Strategies for the Construction Industry,” Elton Mayfield confronts marketing challenges—many distinctive within the building and materials industry—and lays out a simple framework that allows leaders to rejuvenate and recharge their B2B marketing strategies. He guides readers through the three pillars, asking:

  • Survey: What do people say about you? What do you want them to say about you?
  • Blueprint: What do you need to have in place to deliver the brand you want?
  • Build: How do you deliver the brand you promised and keep it up to code?

With simple, down-to-earth concepts and practical examples, Elton cuts through the clamor to show how you Survey your business, draft a Blueprint and then Build your brand through curb appeal and delivering on customer expectations.

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The Brand Builder

Elton Mayfield is the president and co-founder of ER Marketing. His 30+ year career spans media, production, finance and marketing roles, all within organizations that include ad agencies to casinos and building products.

As an early adopter of technology and communication channels, Elton has always been a leading advocate of the use of social media, digital technology and their effective integration as a marketing and sales tool.

Elton has presented at the International Builders Show, the Remodeling and Deck Expo and numerous NAHB and NARI chapter events. He often serves as a resource for articles appearing in industry publications, including ProSales and the Lumber Co-operator. The agency's clients include national manufacturers, distributors, dealers and builders.

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