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    10 YouTube Strategy Tips for Contractors in the Building Industry

    As a whole, most professional building contractors have trouble trying to decide on the right digital marketing strategy. Simply put, it can be difficult to determine how to use social media to attract new clientele within your target market.

    However, one of the most useful and often overlooked facets of lead generation is YouTube. By consistently adding content to a channel dedicated to your profession, you can easily drive traffic to your website and attract potential clients.

    Keep reading to learn how you can use video content on YouTube to help create brand awareness within the building materials industry.

    1. Create Content Consistently

    The best YouTube strategy for professional contractors starts with having a plan to create content consistently. While putting up four or five videos per year is more effective than nothing, you should aim to add videos once a week or a few times per month.

    With so much multimedia content out there right now, you want to ensure your subscribers and those that keep tabs on your company see new media pop up in their feed at regular intervals. The easiest way to ensure this happens? Create a content calendar with specific videos and when you plan on launching them.

    2. Show Off Projects with Time Lapse Videos

    Another cool way contractors can use YouTube and video marketing to boost brand awareness is with time-lapse photos. Posting a camera high above a job site or having a local drone photographer take spaced photos can create very interesting content for your YouTube channel.

    Start shortly after your groundbreaking ceremony and continue through the final day of work. Decide when you’re going to have the photos taken, such as once a week or even every day. Then you can hire a digital marketing agency or a videographer to put it all together or even set it to music.

    3. Use Testimonials to Your Advantage

    You already know that testimonials are an incredibly powerful way to market a business in the building material sector, but videos are even more lucrative. After all, if you were looking for a contractor to handle a major project, wouldn’t you want to hear from people who have actually worked with them?

    Gather video testimonials from people involved in some of your biggest projects, like property owners, project managers, city council members, and whoever makes the most sense for your particular niche. You can then add this media to your YouTube channel and website with a call-to-action and your business telephone number.

    4. Introduce Your Team

    Everyone likes being recognized and your YouTube channel is a great place to do this. Create videos centering around those making a difference on your team or anyone celebrating a large milestone with your company.

    Furthermore, you can say thank you for all their hard work or just offer an end-of-year message of thanks. The possibilities here are nearly endless, but they are definitely a wonderful way to boost morale.

    5. Decide Which Viewers You’re Trying to Attract

    Here’s a good way to hone in on your existing YouTube video marketing: decide which viewers you’re trying to attract. In all likelihood, the people viewing your videos are not exactly the current decision-makers at their organization. However, this could be in the future.

    By building up your company’s brand within your local region and creating awareness, it becomes easier to catch the attention of the people that do make big decisions.

    6. Showcase Your Community Efforts

    One important factor to consider when it comes to creating video content is that your audience might not always be your target market. Sometimes, it is better to create videos that showcase your efforts in the community to make where you live a better place.

    Again, this all goes back to overall branding and awareness about your business and building trust. The more visible you are to your target market, the easier it is to decide to hire your firm.

    7. Keep It Short

    You’re busy and so are your channel subscribers. Keeping your YouTube videos on the short side is always better. In fact, anywhere between two and five minutes is ideal. In fact, it is almost better to create a series of shorter videos than just one long one.

    Why? People don’t have the time to sit and watch thirty-minute videos these days. Instead, they want little snippets of information they can digest between other tasks. This is why an important YouTube marketing strategy for building professionals is to always keep content to a shorter length.

    8. Showcase Your History

    As a professional in the building materials industry, there’s a good chance you’ve contributed quite a bit to your local community. Showcase this by adding explanation videos to your YouTube channel with throwback photos, project memories from those who worked on it, and much more.

    In some instances, you might even want to use tutorials as a way to catch the attention of your website visitors. While this is a little more common for homebuilders than commercial services, it can still very well.

    9. Use Video on Your Landing Pages

    If you already have a website and landing pages, consider using videos from your YouTube channel to explain why you’re the best local firm for getting the job done right. You never know when someone might see it and decide to give you a call to discuss your next big project.

    10. Highlight Special Achievements

    Another digital marketing strategy with video? Highlight any special achievements or regional awards your work receives. Sharing the good news only further solidifies that you’re an expert within your industry and makes it easier to choose you over the competition.

    Adding YouTube to Your Strategy

    Digital marketing for contracting companies can sometimes be tough. However, there are countless ways you can use YouTube to help create brand awareness and reach potential leads.

    Are you looking to start using video marketing and YouTube for your business? Please give us a call at ER Marketing today for more information.

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