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NationServe Corporate, and their fifteen company-owned locations across the United States, wanted a redesigned corporate website and individual, unique websites of a similar design for all locations. Prior to coming to ER Marketing, all fifteen locations were only separate pages on the corporate website.

Using the approved brand standards, we designed clean, fresh websites focusing on the Residential and Commercial products offered by NationServe. The Corporate team wanted to focus on product and implementation imagery, as well as funneling site visitors to choose the location nearest them to access detailed product and service offerings.

The platform we chose was a multi-site implementation of WordPress. This approach enabled the Corporate team to maintain and publish content to all the location websites, whilst limiting regional and location managers to update certain types of content only on their respective sites.

NationServe has maintained a strong, online brand presence at the Corporate level, while all the locations now have unique sites for their products, services, and promotions. One of the biggest benefits to the locations is improved opportunities for organic search results and paid search ads directing potential customers to the website for a location nearby.

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