PPC Campaign

Overhead Door ™

The Overhead Door Corporation sells residential and commercial garage door products and accessories through installation and repair/maintenance services.

The Overhead Door Corporation PPC campaign intends to position the brand at the top of search results nationwide. It benefits local market distributors by being the top ranked result for specifically targeted garage door installation and service terms—ultimately driving leads and business to the distributors.

The successful, long-running campaign strategy requires strategic optimizations in order to stay ahead of Overhead Door’s competitors across the nation.

A focused, methodical approach was taken to closely monitor campaign activity and optimize specifically to drive more leads. High-frequency management of the campaign included:

  • Daily bid/budget monitoring and management
  • Weekly match type optimization and negative matching of specific keyword terms
  • Monthly ad A/B testing and optimization
  • Large monthly initiatives and campaign structure updates and build-outs
  • Monthly performance reporting, data analysis, and planning
  • Continually enabling newly-released Google ad formats

In the last year, the campaigns have outperformed the previous year in the following metrics:

172% increase in impressions

30% increase in clickthrough rate

11% increase in conversion rate

5% decrease in average cost per click

30,000+ conversions annually


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