Campaign Development


For nearly 75 years, Feeney has pioneered industry-leading architectural and rigging products. Their products are both innovative and easy to install for professionals and DIY homeowners alike, while enhancing the spaces where people live work, and play. Their main architectural products include CableRail railing infill cable assemblies, DesignRail® aluminum railings, Trellis Collection cable & rod trellis kits, and decorative and structural rod assemblies.

To tell Feeney’s brand story, ER Marketing was tasked with the objective to develop a brand campaign that would disrupt and break through the “sea of sameness” within the industry with compelling and relevant messaging that would set Feeney apart from the competition.

Based off of in-depth brand research, the concept behind this campaign revolves around bold, eye-catching headlines. The overall design is simple and uncluttered so that the headline takes center stage and stands out to viewers right away. The message is unexpected and a bit unusual in a way that makes the viewer pause and continue reading for the payoff to learn more about how Feeney delivers upon their promise of making it easy.

Resulting in a cohesive print ad campaign that jumped off the page within industry publications, the creative garnered a newly aware audience, made the ad-brand connection and created an increase in buying actions.

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