Print Ad Campaign


ER Marketing’s goal was to introduce Feeney to a new audience of interior designers, reposition the messaging approach for architects, and showcase Feeney's large variety of design offerings. The client also wanted to show this audience that stylish, customizable design solutions from Feeney are a great way to bring their vision to life. This unique ask required our creative team to elevate Feeney’s messaging and design to catch the eye of architects and designers with a print ad campaign featured within architectural and interior design publications.

To position Feeney's design railing solutions to interior designers and architects, our creative team developed a print ad campaign that would appeal to this demographic's deep knowledge and appreciation for the arts. "It's All in How You Frame It" takes a more aspirational tone than most trade publication ads and focuses on the idea of celebrating different views/perspectives with endless design potential. When framing a piece of art, the frame is not meant to be the focal point, yet it has tremendous power over the aesthetic of the art inside and the space around it. In the same way, Feeney railing has the power to elevate the feeling of a space and act as a frame for a beautiful view.

The print ad campaign resonated with interior designers and architects, who see things differently and create ways in which people can experience the world. In addition to reaching the new audience for Feeney, the campaign received both a Single-Page and Best Headline award from Architectural Record Publication.

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