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Using Newsjacking to Your Advantage

Newsjacking isn’t a new marketing concept, but it is one that many businesses get wrong. Used the right way, newsjacking can help you connect with people through current events. Instead, too many businesses — even those who are adept at other marketing strategies — capitalize on current events. 

What is Newsjacking? 

At its core, newsjacking is a marketing strategy that capitalizes on popular news stories and forges connections with current and potential customers. The key is to do so authentically and not exploitatively. 

Stay Updated

One of the key elements of newsjacking is sharing and commenting on the latest news. Setting up Google Alerts can help you stay informed about the latest happenings in your industry, for example. In other instances, commenting on news that affects others on a grand scale, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or Hurricane Maria, illuminates your brand’s human side even though these events might not directly impact your industry. 

Stay Relevant to Your Brand

While pop culture events might be what makes the news, if they aren’t related to your brand, skip mentioning them. A caveat to this is if you can tie the news event to something related to your brand. Bonus points if you can do so in a way that demonstrates outside-the-box thinking. 

Vet Your Approach

In spite of their best efforts, numerous big names, such as Pepsi with their protest ad, have failed to deliver the desired effect. Instead, marketing ploys like AT&T’s tweet regarding 9/11 angered people. No matter how sensitive and authentic you believe an approach is, make sure you get the opinions of several trusted colleagues before posting it. 

Include Relevant Keywords

Give your newsjacking post the reach and depth it needs by including relevant keywords. Ensure that it meets SEO best-practices, including the use of hashtags, so it can help elevate your brand’s rank and visibility. 

Provide Value to Your Readers

Give your viewers a reason to delve into what you’re posting. Make your headline intriguing and hint at what’s to come. Be sure to deliver on your objectives. One method is to help readers understand a news story more easily. Infographics, videos and pictures can all help you do so. 

Even though newsjacking has gotten a bad reputation, it’s not the strategy itself that’s inherently flawed. Instead, it’s the approach that matters. Take the above tips into account and take advantage of the possibilities that exist with this marketing technique. 

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