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Top Ways to Combine Offline with Online Marketing in 2020

There’s no doubt that we are all as connected via the internet as ever. However, some B2B companies still haven’t found the right marketing mix between digital and print advertising. The good news is that there are tons of ways you can integrate your traditional advertising with your website and social media platforms. Here are five ways to combine offline with online marketing in 2020.

Use Consistent Branding to Create Cohesive Campaigns

Perhaps the most important aspect of bridging your online and offline marketing is by using consistent branding to create cohesive campaigns. What this means is choosing the same logo design, colors, fonts, and styles throughout everything you do. For example, your website should look somewhat similar to your business cards, while flyers and postcards should have a visual link to your social media headers. Doing this creates a visual flow that makes it easy for a current or future customer to recognize your company, whether that is on the internet or on something printed.

Give Clients a Way to Interact Through Social Media

Another way to link your digital and print advertising is to provide opportunities for customers to interact through social media. Run campaigns that provide a discount if they sign up for your email list or follow you on Facebook or Instagram. You can even encourage readers of a print article or advertisement to comment on specific posts or topics by using specific hashtags with your company name or a certain topic. By adding these things to your offline marketing, you can help encourage clients to interact with you in a digital format.

Ask for Testimonials You Can Publish Online

We all know that testimonials and word-of-mouth advertising is incredibly powerful as an offline marketing tool. But why not bring that to your website and online channels, too? When having a conversation with a happy customer, ask if you can quote them or add their photo to your digital advertising. In most cases, they won’t mind and you’ve just found a way to build trust with potential customers by utilizing social proof.

Add Your Digital Information to Your Print Advertising

This probably sounds incredibly simple, but the easiest way to combine offline and online marketing is to just add your digital information to your print advertising. Make sure you have your website address on all flyers, mailers, postcards, and business cards. Including your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media details, too. You can even opt to add a special QR code that takes customers to a special website when scanned by a smartphone or tablet device. These are all ways to bridge the gap between digital and print advertising.

Think Reverse and Encourage Online Customers to Go Offline

While it does sound pretty counterintuitive in such a digitally connected society, you can also think in reverse and encourage your online customers to go offline. Give them a chance to schedule in-person appointments via your website or even text message. This gives them the opportunity to enjoy face-to-face interaction while still reaping the benefits of technology.

In short, now is the best time to integrate your online and offline campaigns together for seamless branding. Which one will your company try first? Leave us a comment below!

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