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    Top Tips: Facebook Ads for Commercial Construction Companies

    Thinking about integrating paid ads into your construction company’s marketing plan? If so, there are a few concepts you need to be aware of before you start tossing money towards paid social media marketing. Here are a few of our top things you need to know about running Facebook ads for commercial construction companies.

    Define Your Target Audience

    With a quick search of the internet, you can easily figure out that creating a Facebook ad for a construction company isn’t all that difficult. However, most of the guides online are for those who target residential customers, which is an entirely different concept.

    As a commercial construction company, you generally want to start the digital marketing process as defining your target audience. How is this done?

    Think about the individual people who might use word-of-mouth advertising to contact your business for a quote. This could be business owners, real estate agents, subcontractors, and others. Also, consider the people following your competitors. Often, you can target audiences on Facebook that follow other pages.

    If you’re looking to generally add brand recognition, consider targeting residents of a specific neighborhood or your town. While you won’t likely get too many leads from this process, you can use these ads to talk about community outreach and other information that links your firm to good things happening in your area.

    Choose an Ad Format and Structure

    Once you have a pretty targeted audience, then you can start to structure your ads and message to their unique needs. In general, there are six different types of Facebook ads you want to consider using: video, photo, slideshow, carousel, dynamic product ads, and lead form ads.

    For commercial construction companies, the most important ones are going to be video ads, photo ads, and slideshow ads. Lead form ads are also important, but not as vital as they would be for a residential service company. Dynamic product ads don’t mean anything, as you aren’t selling a product as eCommerce.

    Video ads and photo ads are excellent for talking about your company, projects you’ve worked on in the past, or creating those awareness ads about involvement in the community. As they are named, one involves a still photo with text and one includes an upload of some sort of video. Slideshow ads are good for showing before-and-afters on renovation projects, new builds, and other scenarios where there is a clear visual difference between the very beginning and final end.

    When thinking about Facebook marketing for your commercial construction company, decide on one or two ad structures that would get the most attention from your target audience and then move forward from there.

    How Much Money Should You Spend on Facebook Ads?

    Budget is a huge part of how Facebook ads for commercial construction companies work. The bigger the pool of funds you have, the better it is to target your audience.

    When trying to come up with a segment of your overall marketing budget to allocate to paid advertising, make sure you know what your end goal is. Are you trying to get brand recognition with decision-makers in your area like real estate agents? Or do you just want to announce to the community what your firm has been up to?

    The more targeted your strategy, the higher the budget you’ll need. While some claim that B2C advertising doesn’t work on Facebook, we’re here to tell you that it is possible. It might take a little extra ad spend and more time to get in front of your best audience, but social media marketing can still be a great way to boost leads in the long term.

    Creating an Omnichannel Strategy for Digital Advertising

    Keeping budget in mind, it is important to realize that using paid ads to grow your commercial construction company requires an omnichannel strategy. What does this mean? To make Facebook ads for construction companies work, you don’t want to just rely on Facebook ads.

    To explain this further, let’s go back to so-called old school marketing. Remember the days when someone used to have to look you up in the phone book, see your ad on a billboard, then hear an ad on the radio to call you for a quote? This is like that, but in a digital manner.

    While your Facebook ads might not necessarily get someone to request a quote on your website, repeated interaction will make a difference. To keep with our example, let’s say they see a Facebook ad, search the web and a Google ad comes up, and then they see your name on a local news story highlighting your charitable efforts. They’ve now seen your business name and brand in three separate places, which means they now know who you are. This is a firm example of a true omnichannel marketing strategy.

    Why You Need Professional Assistance for Paid Ads

    Now that we’ve talked about how to get Facebook ads to work for your commercial construction company, let’s talk about hiring a professional to help you out. At ER Marketing, we’re experts at helping firms like yours develop a solid plan for using Facebook ads and other digital marketing techniques.

    While going it alone is always the cheapest route, it isn’t always the most cost-effective. Paid advertising works on a display and pay-per-click basis, which can really add up if you’re just blasting your Facebook ads out to everyone and your dog. Coming up with strategies like we’ve mentioned here takes time and experience, which means learning the latest best practices and trying to implement them.

    Instead of spending your time on these tasks, it is a good idea to give us a call. Instead of trying to handle all of this on your own, you can focus your attention on more important matters in your business.

    Ready to learn how ER Marketing can help you learn how to run Facebook ads for construction companies and create an overall great omnichannel digital marketing strategy? Please contact us today for further details.

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