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The Merits of Automated Email Marketing

There is no sense wasting your time and effort writing one email after another hoping these custom-tailored messages will convince customers to pay for your value offering.  However, it also does not make sense to send an email blast to every single person on your email subscriber list.  Generalized emails have the potential to alienate your audience.  Opt for automated email marketing and you will find it generates the desired response with surprisingly little effort. Let’s take a look at the benefits of automated email marketing. 

An Affordable Means of Marketing

Automated email marketing streamlines your marketing with the use of software.  Let the computer do the work for you and your marketing professionals will be liberated to advance your advertising push in other avenues.  Automated email marketing is detailed to the point that it can customize email messages to your target audience and send them on your behalf.  Absorb the initial up-front cost of the software, move forward with your automated email marketing plan and you will find the investment pays for itself and then some in due time.

Messages Tailored to Each Unique Recipient

Automated email marketing has advanced to the point that it can transmit messages with wording tailored to your specific target recipient.  This means your customers won’t receive a generic message.  Rather, they will be provided with individualized messages that include their name and even information about their history of purchases from the company.

Automation Eliminates the Chances of Errors

Think back to the last time your marketing team sent out messages to current and prospective clients.  These professionals are certainly talented and hardworking yet they are prone to make mistakes.  The better approach is to let the computer do the work on your behalf to minimize or even eliminate the potential for errs.  Computers do not make mistakes in terms of spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.  Let automated marketing software do the work on your behalf and you will rest easy knowing all the information you send is completely accurate.

Recognize the Power of Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are those in which automated emails are transmitted in a series at specific points in time.  This strategic approach is facilitated with the use of automated marketing.  This is your opportunity to send messages at specific intervals to ensure your company and brand are at the forefront of customers’ minds.  Automated emails sent with a drip campaign detail your value offering, client pain points, FAQs, customers’ problems, and so on.  The key is to be persistent.  Rely on a drip campaign and you will find the click-through rate and open rate are significantly higher than possible in single-send campaigns.

Segmented Emails Make an Enormous Impact

Automated email marketing empowers you to segment customers into specific groups and even tailor unique messages to each group in accordance with their unique behaviors, demographics, or interests.  Seize the opportunity to send custom-tailored messages to each client segment at specific points in time and your target customers will be provided with content that suits their specific interests.  This highly detailed approach to customer outreach heightens engagement, greatly increasing the chances that email recipients will follow through with a subsequent purchase.  At the bare minimum, those provided with segmented emails will prove much more likely to open the message and click-through it, creating important brand exposure that keeps them in the fold for potential purchases down the line.

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