Is There More Opportunity for Green Builders in 2016?

  The number of contractors involved in more than 60% of green products is growing and is set to grow to 31% both inside and out of the United States, according to a study by Dodge Data and Analytics. The largest green growth is occurring in First World and emerging economies around the world, such as…

Increased Potential of the Green Building Products Market

The Green Home Market Is Expected To Increase Five-Fold by 2016 It seems now more than ever, going green is important to consumers, which makes the building products industry a prime market to target. As a building products CMO, you are likely focused on this growing trend, but the key statistics from McGraw-Hill Construction give…

Home Green Home: Green Building Product Trends

3 new improvements in the perception of green building. The way the green industry is being viewed and implemented has evolved. 3 changes in perceptions that are shaping the green movement are: a more personal aesthetic, more recognition in the real estate industry, and a broader reach into the community. Being familiar with these factors can…

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