Say It With a Whisper

What the 2016 Color Forecast Means for Building Industry Marketers Guest Contributor: Stephanie Voss, Art Director My favorite bedtime story to read to my daughter is about a whispering rabbit who has to make a very quiet noise to wake up a bumblebee. Because bumblebees, of course, are small creatures that do not pay attention…

B2B Email: Only As Good As the Inbox It Lands In

Simple Tips for Email Deliverability You’ve done the unthinkable: you’ve crafted the perfect marketing email. A stunning design, perfect CTA, and breathtakingly relevant content. And guess what? None of it matters if it doesn’t land in an inbox. Email deliverability is one of the most important things to keep in mind as you engage with…

Deeper Email Analytics for Building Product Marketers

Better Email Intelligence…Beyond Open & Click-Through Rates In an earlier post, I covered some of the basics of email marketing benchmarking, and now I’d like to share some other ways you can better measure & optimize your email marketing. With this information, you’ll be better equipped to evaluate both the messaging and creative strategy in…

Impact of E-mail for Building Products Industry

People connect with brands they trust! A recent DMA report found, “People are happy to connect with brands they trust, but they’re increasingly selective about which ones they link up with!”  Findings also show: 61% subscribe to e-mails from 10 or fewer brands The number of people who find 50% of their e-mails relevant or…

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