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Strengthening Your Business Through Charitable Action

Businesses of all sizes provide important goods and services to their customers, but it is important not to put all your energy on just your particular product or service. Your image matters too. That’s why it is important to look beyond what your customers can do for you, but also consider the impact your business has on the community and possibly the world at large. This can be done through charitable action and giving.

Getting Started With Charitable Giving

If your business is small with limited profits, it can be difficult initially to think of giving away a slice of an already small pie, however, it is important to start somewhere. Tax deductions are perhaps the most famous reason for making a charitable contribution, but in order for it to truly impact how you see yourself and how employees and loyal customers see you, your gifts should be from your collective company heart.

We have all noticed large corporations sponsor local events, such as charity races, even earning a spot on T-shirts and tote bags that participants take home. If your company isn’t ready to write out a check, it may be even more meaningful to get involved. If your product can be used somehow at a charitable event, donate a sample. You can also rally employees to work at an event, allowing for extra bonding time and a boost to company morale.

Offer Paycheck Giving

It is human nature to want to be part of the greater good if at all possible. If your company has even a few employees, giving them a choice of a few community organizations they can support through a payroll deduction can go a long way towards creating a positive impact in the community, and in the office. If possible, your company can offer matching contributions in order to encourage contributions by employees. Since it is easier to give money that is never seen in increases the impact that your company has, and boosts both your business’s reputation and morale.

Giving Offers More Than Warm Fuzzies

Giving to others that are less fortunate than you can definitely improve your companies collective self-esteem and bring out plenty of “warm fuzzies” that come from helping others, but benefits do go even further. Studies have shown that giving to charity reduces overall stress, and provides for better resilience against health conditions such as high blood pressure and cognitive difficulties.

When employees are encouraged to support the things that they care about. They feel more like they are part of the company, rather than people who just work there, Overall, happier and healthier employees are more productive and creative and in turn can help your company grow and develop into whatever you imagine, and possibly more.

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