You Need a Site Audit: How to Tell If You’re Getting Your Money’s Worth

Lots of agencies and consultants provide site audits, and they are expensive. If you’re like me, you also get 10 emails a week that offer to audit your site for free.

So what’s the difference, and what should you pay for?

“Free” SEO audits are a gimmick.

An audit that actually provides any useful information is time-consuming and requires expertise.

If you are offered a free audit, you can take the person up on it, but take the resulting information with a grain of salt.

Usually, the “audit” that you get back will contain lots of shocking numbers about how bad your site is, and make you question whether your agency or in-house team knows what they are doing.

While it’s right to question your SEO practitioners, there are a lot of reasons an audit might look very scary but actually not mean anything or give you any new information.


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