Why You Need a Local SEO Audit & Where to Focus

In the realm of SEO, as Bill Hunt once put it so well, you have to get the basics right before you even begin to think about innovating.

A foundation allows you to put your best foot forward. If you try to build or add on to your house with a weak foundation, you’re only setting yourself up for disaster.

On the other hand, when you get the basics right, as you continue to add to your house, or in this instance, your campaign, you’ll see more impact from your efforts.

Here are three areas to audit on local sites to create your strong SEO foundation.

1. Technical Audit

Everything starts with an in-depth technical audit. If a site is full of technical issues that haven’t been addressed, you can’t expect to see much, if any, improvement from your ongoing efforts.

If you inherited the work for this site from a previous webmaster, performing an audit will reveal exactly what you’re working with.

You’ll also have the opportunity to address items that could have harmed the site. It’s important to address these issues early on so that search engines can begin understanding the changes that have been made to the site.

On the other end of the spectrum are sites that are entirely new and still in the development phase.

Performing a technical audit pre-launch will give you an opportunity to make sure you’re launching the best possible new website. It’s important to do this pre-launch because you want to make sure you aren’t delivering significant hurdles as it is first being crawled. […]

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