Why Cross-Media Marketing is a Good Fit for Your Organization

The success of a business quite often depends on the success of its marketing efforts. As technology continues to advance, it creates more and more marketing opportunities. With multiple ways to broadcast your message to people, it becomes easier to generate interest and drive engagement.

One of the most successful modern marketing methods is cross-media marketing. It’s an effective way to tell the story of your brand and share with potential customers why your product or service is the best solution for them.

What is cross-media marketing?

Marketing-Schools.org defines cross-media marketing as “using a variety of media forms to integrate your marketing message into peoples’ consciousness…Rather than marketing a product exclusively on a website, cross-marketers use a combination of mobile apps, paid search engine returns, link ads, television commercials, YouTube videos, content marketing, print brochures, radio and television ads, social media, and trade-show marketing. Many forms of cross-media marketing are so subtle that consumers often don’t realize they are being marketed to.”

To some marketers, this might seem like a mass media campaign by another name. It might also seem to be the opposite of targeted marketing that many businesses find the be crucial to reaching their audiences. The truth is that new marketing strategies and technologies make it easy to employ cross-media communication campaigns in a targeted and tactical way.

How to effectively plan a cross-media storytelling strategy

The most important part of marketing is to understand who your customers are, so you’re not wasting valuable resources, like time and money, trying to reach people who can’t or won’t buy what your business is marketing. […]

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