What is the biggest mistake in LinkedIn marketing?

The biggest mistake that most people make when trying to improve their social media presence is to create a post, hit send, and then….log off. Why would anyone interact with you when you haven’t interacted with anyone else?

Brands and individuals who are looking to grow their engagement from social media channels need to understand that most people did not log onto the social media app, albeit a professional one, to hear about your company’s latest promotion or new product to sell. We are exposed to more than 5,000 ads every day – if your brand simply adds to that number, chances are high that your post will be ignored, unintentionally or otherwise. Don’t simply shout your message at your audience and expect them to be jazzed about it.

The solution – BE SOCIAL . Within 10 minutes of posting a status or update to Linkedin, go like, comment, and maybe even share or tag a friend in posts that are similar to the one you just posted. Let’s say you’re logging on to Linkedin – whats the first thing you do? Check out the notifications you’ve received since you’ve last logged in. Let’s say your last post receives a comment notification from someone in your industry that you don’t know. Chances are high that you will visit their profile and check them out a bit. Chances are also high that you do this same action multiple times per day, without even realizing it.

So, if someone else receives a notification from you or your brand letting them know that you’ve interacted with their content in a social, non-sales driven way, that user is likely to at least take notice of you/your brand, if not scope you out a little bit, and if you’re lucky and relevant to them […]

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