Top 36 Web Accessibility Resources for Digital Marketing Companies

Many experienced search marketers added usability testing to their site audits. Still, they may be unprepared when they learn of clients facing ADA website accessibility lawsuits.

Where do they find accessibility resources and testing tools?

Why should marketers care about website accessibility?

Who is responsible for the accessibility of websites and apps?

“When we say we want to build for everyone – we mean it. Accessibility is written into our mission statement and core to our values as a company. We don’t think a problem is solved until we’ve solved it for everyone. Technology’s great promise is to give everyone the same power to achieve their goals. As long as there are barriers for some, there’s still work to be done.” — Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

The Search Marketer’s Competitive Edge

An expert technical SEO audit provides data used to diagnose the status of webpages. This helps with:

  • Indexing, ranking, and content issues.
  • All the bits and pieces of what is essentially an online product that people are expected to want to use.

Search engines are expected to provide the most accurate responses to search queries from people using a variety of devices, in an even wider, unpredictable environment.

We have all experienced what it is like to follow a link in the search results, only to land on a webpage that prevents us from using it in the way we want to.

Imagine what this is like for someone with no mouse, poor eyesight or using a screen reader?

Accessibility improvements increase brand loyalty, which is valued by search engines. More importantly, it removes barriers for users. This is referred to as inclusive design.

Who is responsible for making sure marketing clients’ websites meet WCAG2.1 or Section 508 guidelines? […]

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