The Future Of Digital Marketing In B2B Lies In These Three Ideas

There’s an interesting trend I’ve watched emerge in the B2B marketing world: It’s the budding relationship with digital marketing.

Every year, I ask colleagues in the technical B2B markets we serve (which are health care, life science and biotechnology) about their biggest marketing priorities of the year and what their barriers to success are, and we even dive deeply into topics like their social media presence or whether they use microsites. I do this to get a better understanding of this industry’s views and sentiments about marketing for the upcoming year and to better understand digital trends in the industry, and I compile these results into an annual report that I share with colleagues, respondents and webinar attendees.

There are a lot of tactics and takeaways one can glean from these insights. For example, this year, there’s a general consensus that no technology can overcome the need for engaging content or a well-crafted strategy, that audiences demand a more transparent digital experience and that organizations are prioritizing organic growth and driving demand for their brand. […]

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