The 5 Biggest Opportunities for B2B Sales Growth in 2019

There are many ways to drive sales growth — from planning and sales-skills training to sales enablement and operations. With numerous options, it’s hard to know which strategies are likely to have the greatest impact on your specific business’ success.

Each sales organization is unique. My company, RAIN Group, looks for commonalities and trends that business owners can use to advance their goals. Our Center for Sales Research uncovered five of the biggest opportunities for B2B sales growth in 2019, backed by data gathered from surveys, benchmark reports, white papers, research briefs, articles and best-selling books.

1. Embrace value selling.

Many industries have experienced a massive shift from transaction-based selling to value-based selling. Up until the last few years, many companies’ brands and individual sellers’ relationships were enough to sustain and grow sales. The product or brand would attract buyers, and sellers would foster relationships, taking orders when buyers initiated a purchase. Sales grew even when sellers were reactive.

Today’s sales climate is drastically different. Competition is fierce, and copycats are quick to replicate product and service innovations. It’s more difficult than ever for brands to differentiate themselves in the market. […]

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