New Research Underlines the Ongoing Mobile Usage Shift, Highlights Audience-Specific Considerations

We all know that you need a mobile-friendly website, that mobile is where attention is increasingly focused, and that you need to be factoring mobile presentation into all aspects of your digital marketing efforts.

But this new report from Pew Research highlights some additional considerations of note. Based on feedback from over 1,500 US adults, Pew looked at the latest internet access and mobile usage habits, and found that the mobile shift is indeed in full force, but is specifically so in two key brackets: younger users, which you would expect, and lower income households.

On the first point, Pew found that 37% of U.S. adults now mostly use their smartphone when accessing the internet, which is double the rate it was in 2013,

The biggest increase over that period is in younger age groups. As explained by Pew:

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“Younger adults are especially likely to reach for their phones when going online. Fully 58% of 18-to 29-year-olds say they mostly go online through a smartphone, up from 41% in 2013. Still, this growth is evident across all age groups. For example, the share of adults ages 30 to 49 who say they mostly use a smartphone to go online has nearly doubled – from 24% in 2013 to 47% today.”

That, you would expect, will continue to increase and ripple through over time as smartphone and mobile connection technology improves, lessening the need for users to go online via any other means. […]

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