Is “Director of Marketing Data” the New Role of 2019? According to IBM It Is

Artificial intelligence is transforming almost every industry; it has already dominated the field of marketing. In light of this, IBM Watson Marketing released a report that says that moving into 2019, CMOs and digital agencies are reimagining the marketing function, driven by a growing need to structure data to enable actionable, real-time decision making.

The two key highlights of the report are:

  • The rise of AI in marketing has led many CMOs to reimagine their departments.
  • Companies will begin to hire director of marketing data and other marketing data professionals in 2019.

Data has been a foundational piece of the puzzle for successful marketers, helping to advance customer segmentation, personalization, and relevant messaging to customers and prospects.

The report says that the massive surge in information available will lead to the rise of the role of “Director of Marketing Data” and other data-related marketing roles in cutting-edge organizations in 2019. […]

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