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    Identifying Your Customers’ Pain Points

    In a nutshell: If you take time to learn the specific challenges your customers face, you’ll be able to help them address them head-on. That’s a win-win for everyone.

    One of the most significant factors in marketing is learning what challenges your customers are trying to solve with your product or service, and then fine-tuning what you offer to provide a better solution.

    These area of consumer problems that need solving are described as “pain points.” In marketing, discovering customer pain points can dramatically improve how marketing messages and outreach strategy are developed.

    Understanding pain points and how to address them requires developing expertise in modern marketing techniques and strategies.

    What Are Customer Pain Points?

    When you strip away all the complexities and jargon that comes with running a business, essentially a sound business model comes down to this:

    • What customer pain point has not been solved?
    • How will my business solve that pain point better than any other business?

    A pain point is another way of saying a “problem.” Whether this problem is real or perceived, no business has yet provided an adequate solution. Discovering and solving pain points is critical whether you are in business-to-consumer marketing (B2C) or business-to-business marketing (B2B).

    Wrist watches provide a simple, classic example. People wanted to know what time it was when they were on the go, but obviously they couldn’t carry around clocks (not easily, anyway). Strapping a clock to their wrist addressed that pain point.

    Automobiles provide another example. People wanted to move to quiet suburbs with bigger homes, and the mass manufacturing of affordable automobiles allowed that to happen. That’s a pain point solution that has worked for almost a century.

    In some cases, a business builds upon another innovation that solved a pain point and created new opportunities. […]

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