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    How Visual Design Affects Sales and Marketing

    As graphic designers, we have to communicate the brand’s message across to its consumers. There are many ways to do this – banners, postcards, stationery design, logos, mascots, brochures, and information packs are a few nameable mediums. To create an effective design, you have to understand the nuances of the sales message and use this information to create a visual design that is able to engage the viewer with the design and call to action buttons. Rather than focusing on immediate sales, it is important to focus on building a long-term strategy that would bring value and high return on investment. People tend to buy products from a trusted source so being able to build a relationship with the brand collateral is as important as bringing in immediate sales.Marketing your designs effectively is a skill that can be honed with time, patience and effort.

    When creating the look and feel of a design, designers study the layout, color, schematics, content, typography, patterns and repetition. Using these design elements they create a cohesive and harmonious content that is able to guide the viewer through the information. When done right, this can raise the brand awareness and in effect bring in a valuable revenue.

    Content marketing usually incorporates infographics, images, and videos. Articles with imagery and videos get more appreciations and are shared more on social media when compared to the ones with fewer images. Here is an interesting analysis of how visuals affected the marketing strategies of online marketers last year:

    1. About 90% of the online marketers said that they used about 50% of visuals for promoting their business.

    2. About 40% of the online marketers said that original artwork/graphics were the most engaging.

    3. All marketers (about 70%)unanimously agreed to the fact that they spent only 5 hours […]

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