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How to Approach Your Company’s Content with a Growth Mindset for 2020

The new year is less than two months away, and by now companies should already have a contract with a growth marketing forward HubSpot agency, and a clear path forward with their content direction.

But some organizations wait up to the last minute to form a relationship with a digital marketing agency capable of creating growth-driven content. And if companies have opted to use an internal team to produce their content, they usually wait until December to lay out a strategy for the upcoming year, and 9 out of 10 times their strategy is flawed.

This article is intended to help organizations and brands learn how to create content using a growth mindset, or what to look for in a content approach pitched by a digital marketing agency.

Understanding Types of Content and Their Purpose

Before you can create growth-driven content you must first identify the types of content you intend to use, as well as the role it plays in driving growth. Not all companies will necessarily be using the same types of content because a growth marketing strategy is unique to an individual organization’s goals and their customer’s needs. But, generally, these are the types of content you can expect content-wise when investing in a custom growth marketing approach:


These bring SEO value and also help nurture leads at every stage of the conversion funnel. They also support inbound marketing campaigns, educate your customers, and promote brand loyalty and trust.

Email Content

Short, concise content to help qualify leads, as well as nurturing SQLs (sales qualified leads) and MQLs (marketing qualified leads).

Guides and Assets

Downloadable, long-form content that offers value to customers. These can target people at every stage of the buyer’s journey. From helping customers learn more about their needs, to serving as a buyer’s guide for a specific product solution, guides educate people and play critical roles in the conversion process.

Website Content

Often, growth driven content will live on the website with two main purposes: to make the site SEO-friendly, and to improve the user experience. The important thing to focus on is to ensure the website content is consistent with all other types of content that customers engage.

CTAs and Ad Copy

This content is what ultimately motivates people to make an action, whether it is filling out a form, downloading a guide, or making a purchase.

If you are investing in SEO, paid media and inbound marketing then you will likely need all of the above mentioned types of content. Just make sure they are aligned to work together to get the same target result, and that each speaks to its target audience appropriately.

For example, a group of blogs that are intended to be shared on Facebook to help support a campaign will need to speak to the buyer types that are on Facebook, while blogs intended for B2B that will be shared on LinkedIn will take a totally different tone and cover topics using a completely different angle.


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