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How marketing and sales alignment can better drive the buyer journey

As a marketer today, you’re responsible for a more significant portion of the buyer journey — and for demonstrating the ROI of your efforts. You’re charged not merely with generating leads and funneling them into the sales cycle. Your role is to engage critical decision-makers before, during and after the conversion.

This modern approach to marketing requires that you work hand-in-hand with sales. Businesses see measurably better results when the two teams are orchestrated — 36 percent higher customer retention rates, 38 percent higher win rates and 208 percent more revenue from marketing efforts, according to Wheelhouse Advisors . This research reflects trends we see on LinkedIn; for instance, prospects are 1.38 times more likely to respond to direct sales messages on LinkedIn if marketing has first influenced them.

Even so, most marketing and sales organizations remain siloed. In the US alone, businesses waste an estimated $1 trillion per year due to lack of sales and marketing coordination. This misalignment impacts not just productivity, but also the customer experience.

You can close this gap and deliver more personalized, seamless experiences by coordinating your efforts to engage the most promising prospects throughout the buying cycle. Read on for three ways to make this shift.

1. Target the same audience as sales

You’ll better engage potential customers — and pave the way for higher conversion rates — by building a shared understanding of whom you’re trying to reach. Research from Join the Dots and LinkedIn shows that on average, marketing influences fewer than one in four sales relationships (23 percent), even though prospects nurtured by marketing are significantly more receptive to sales reps. Meanwhile, sales reps ignore about half of marketing-generated leads because they lack confidence in their marketing colleagues’ methods and information. Aligned teams make it a priority to build […]

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