Customer experience and social media are part of a “continuous cycle” whereby they each feed the other. Offline experiences are shared online, and then a brand’s response – and the learnings it takes from customer interactions – are incorporated back into the experience.

There are two ways in which integration with the core business can provide value to a company:

  1. Customer feedback, sometimes called Voice of the Customer, can help to improve existing products, services, and experiences.
  2. Customer ideas and use cases can help the Product Development team develop new products or services.

Voice of the Customer

We already know that customers are not shy about sharing their opinions in social media. The big question is, what do companies do with the feedback? Responding quickly and resolving problems are essential steps, but they generally only treat the symptoms. Reporting is important to demonstrate operational efficiency and success, but we can’t be guaranteed that the right people are reading the reports.

In order to actually solve recurring customer issues, companies need to dig deeper to find the underlying causes and fix them. Only […]

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