How Content Marketing Can Fuel Your Thought Leadership Program

When brands practice thought leadership, the natural result is trust. When an audience trusts a brand or its representatives, they are more likely to convert. Research supports that there is a strong, positive relationship between consumer trust, brand loyalty and increased customer referrals. In fact, 84 percent of B2B decision makers start the buying process with a referral, and customer disloyalty can stunt growth by 25-50 percent.

So how does a brand gain this trust through thought leadership? It’s more than just saying “trust us.” It’s about building powerful content that goes way beyond the quality of SEO-optimized blog posts. Content marketing is the best approach for building trust, and it will need to have a well-oiled plan.

A successful plan will include a stream of consistent, high-quality content that’s distributed on the most frequented customer channels. With this type of infrastructure, the ability to cement your brand as a thought leader and cultivate trust will be an easier, more effective path.

If you are going to focus on thought leadership as a goal of content marketing, you’ll need the proper framework. The framework includes:

  1. Foundational brand language

This language should be part of a voice and tone guide. With a value proposition, a unique selling proposition (USP) and elevator pitch – you have the essence of what type of stance the brand can take within the industry. If your USP is about keeping your industry informed of changes and how to handle them, then your thought leadership position would be to deliver content that answers these questions. It’s not necessarily about your brand picking a side. It’s about […]

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