Hottest B2B Content Marketing Trends in 2019

The year 2018 has gone by, but many B2B marketers and business owners will agree that content marketing is still the primary driving force of the digital marketing landscape. Its unmatched effectiveness and considerable returns on investment it delivers are the reason why it is still a go-to marketing strategy for most businesses, including those that operate in the B2B sector.

As we welcome the year 2019, there goes again the trends and shifts that every B2B marketers expect to take place in the content marketing industry this year and forward. From shifts in content marketing objectives to the rise of new technologies in content creation and distribution, it is very evident that content marketing is rapidly evolving towards a more sophisticated and mature stage.

For forward-thinking marketers and those that want to improve their content marketing efforts further, the only way to leverage these changes is to identify which of these apply to their business, and to update their strategy to ensure that it is still in line with what the best players in the market are currently doing. […]

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