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    Five Things Technology Giants Can Learn From The Democratization Of Marketing

    Five Things Technology Giants Can Learn From The Democratization Of Marketing

    Pexels Pexels Small is the new big. Large business-to-business (B2B) technology companies continue to outspend their smaller counterparts in dollar and percentage terms, and yet, rank poorly on marketing-driven revenue. What gives? Perhaps they haven’t course corrected for the five key trends that are changing the marketing landscape. As a product marketing leader at a mid-sized software vendor, I believe large B2B tech companies can learn the following from the democratization of marketing. Data, Data Everywhere Data was the first casualty of democratization in the enterprise. Even in our personal lives, the sophisticated data models and analyses available to an average user are much richer than those previously available to experts in the field. Large corporations cannot expect to compete on access to data anymore. Data exchanges have rapidly emerged as a market allowing every size of pocketbook access to larger data sets. But more granular data is not an enabler in and of itself. In fact, it could turn out to be the exact opposite in some cases. While traditional enterprises across all industry verticals are busy transforming their marketing organizations into mini software companies, not only did the goal post move farther but the sport changed altogether. Based on my perspective, companies in the future will not compete just on how well they squeeze every actionable insight out of data, but also on how well their algorithms can heuristically make intelligent recommendations given sparse and ad hoc data. In other words, artificial intelligence (AI) meets marketing. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE Think Mobile First Another wave of democratization facilitated by technology playing out in front of us is mobile. It’s hard to imagine that smartphone technology is barely a teenager today, and yet, it is practically ubiquitous. From the streets of Sao Paulo to the gullies of Singapore, […]

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