Faux Video: A Fallback for Video in Email

There’s absolutely no denying the power of video marketing. Video content has the power to tell stories more quickly than static images ever could. It’s more emotional. It lets you communicate within seconds what would have taken paragraphs to describe in writing. So it’s no surprise that many email marketers are interested in including video in their emails—only to learn that most email clients don’t offer support for videos.

But while real videos aren’t supported in most clients, that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the idea of adding video-like interactions to your campaigns. Enter: faux video!

Faux video imitates video-like movement with an interaction that lets your subscribers feel like they’re playing the video in their inbox. There are a number of faux video techniques out there. The most popular one was created by fellow #emailgeek Kristian Robinsonwho presented his approach of using CSS animation to scroll through a sprite sheet of individual video frames from at Litmus Live London in 2018. You should check out his talk below or tune in to the Email Design Podcast #71 where we covered Kristian’s technique. […]

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