Facebook’s Testing a New Option to Mute Notifications – and Remove Those Annoying Red Dots

One of the most annoying aspects of Facebook is the red dot – the little prompt which alerts you to a new message, a new group update, a new video in Facebook Watch (which you likely have no actual interest in).

Facebook has been using the compulsion of the red dot to foster engagement for years – but this week, some users are seeing a new set of options which enable you to easily switch off various in-app notifications, and lessen your FOMO anxiety within a couple of simple steps.

As you can see in this example (posted by social media expert Matt Navarra), Facebook is trying out some new, simple toggles to clear all your notifications, and mute push updates for whenever you choose. You’ve always been able to do both, but it’s required a lot more clicking around and customizing each element.

But here’s the bigger update:

No more red dots. As you can see here, this option would give you the capacity to remove almost all the various red dot notifications, eliminating them from your feed – and your consciousness.

Facebook has confirmed to TechCrunch that these updates are currently being tested with a selected group of users. […]

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