Email Still Tops In B2B Content Marketing: Study

Email campaigns remain the top B2B nurturing tool, according to a study by the Content Marketing Institute.

Among the marketers, surveyed, 87% use emails to nurture their audience and move them along the sales funnel. In addition, 77% do so with educational content, and 61% with in-person events.

On another front, 74% utilize sales team feedback to research their target audience for content marketing. In addition, 73% perform this task with website analytics, and 65% with keyword research.

The study also found that 90% hope to be helpful, not promotional. B2B marketers have increased their use of these content types/formats: Audio/visual content — 64% Written digital content — 61% Images — 56% In-person content — 41% Audio-only digital content — 38% Written print content — 27% The stats were reproduced on Search Engine

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