Create and Manage Your Content Like a Pro with These Tools

It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, marketer, or business owner. Creating content is no simple task, especially if your goal is to build authority and trust with it.

What I’ve discovered, though, is that content creation is like anything else you do in business:

Build your own toolkit, develop a repeatable process and get into the habit of doing it.

Of course, finding the right tools to fill your toolkit with can be difficult in and of itself… which is why I’m going to share mine with you today! From start to finish, these are the tools I—and my team — use to create and manage our content.

Oh! And the beauty of the tools that I recommend below is that most of them are free!

I know it might seem odd to create your content in Google Drive, only to have to copy and paste it into WordPress (or some other format) later.

If you’re working on your own, writing your content directly in WordPress may work just fine.

However, if you’re creating content within the context of a team, it might be a better idea to create it in Google Drive first. That way, you can more effectively collaborate with others using the built-in system of comments and suggested edits.

You’ll eventually get to a point where you’re on a roll creating content, but then realize you’re not sure what to tackle next. Is it possible that you’ve already written everything you can for your audience?

Of course not!

There are lots of great places to turn to for inspiration—from within your organization as well as from other people’s websites. If you really get stuck, you can also turn to HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator. Just enter up to five nouns into the tool and it will spit back five ideas. Even if they’re not winners, they’re sure to get you thinking in more creative ways.


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