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    Case study: Heat Maps and UX Improvements Increased Leads for an Industrial Commodity Client

    Case study: Heat Maps and UX Improvements Increased Leads for an Industrial Commodity Client

    As online marketing continues to mature and all un-owned media becomes more competitive (increasing CPC, more emails going to spam, and more challengers for top organic rankings), user experience and conversion rate optimization (CRO) of owned media has become a mainstream priority for ensuring revenue and lead growth. Rather than competing against the entire digital world, UX and CRO are focused on outpacing your organization’s preexisting benchmarks and more importantly, your customer’s expectations. While some may expect industrial B2B companies to retain their 20th-century websites and generally lag behind their B2C counterparts, manufacturers and other contributors to industrial supply chains face similar competitive challenges that have pushed them to keep up with digital trends. For commodity products early in the supply chain, competition is particularly fierce and differentiation can be tough to come by. Making the most of the onsite experience is key to winning over traffic and generating new leads for the sales pipeline. Even improvements that create incremental increases in key performance indicators (KPIs), such as total leads or conversion rate, help make the margins that establish return on investment (ROI). Gorilla 76 helped a commodity client identify trends in user’s behaviors with heat mapping software and made improvements to the user’s experience that increased total leads by 36% and the overall conversion rate to 2.47%. For commodity markets like steel piping, success lies in the margins. A website infrastructure that dominates in online search and lead generation is a strong means to making that margin. This client’s success in search engines has resulted in an average 24,416 users per month, 90% of which originate from organic search. Additionally, their quote request form and product catalog convert 1.2% of those users into leads with present interest and need for their pipe products. Both of these demonstrate an […]

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