Are you targeting the right people on your social media?

Social Media is gigantic and with so many platforms attracting more and more people every year, they are unavoidable for businesses. Whether or not you are intent on making a profit, Social Media can give you the exposure you need. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc offer users a simple, personalized and DIY promotion portal that they can monetize using advanced tools and analytics.

Social Media Marketing is indeed promising but it really boils down to one question: Are you targeting the right audience?

You can’t expect a paying customer for your luxury stilettos from a batch of consumers who regularly shop at Gap or Target. Demographics are important for understanding the kind of people you want your social media profile and campaign to attract. If you aren’t considering the audience you want to target and haven’t determined it, then you may as well be marketing your business or yourself to a mute structure.

The basic principle that everyone using Social Media, business or not, must follow is, “Get Social”. The virtual platforms are offering attention and as a business, personality or any other entity promoting their products/services, you should be able to gain and retain their attention and transform this into actual, measurable sales.

Almost a half a decade back, checking in to fancy restaurants, places was all the rage and is still it. Local businesses had a gala time optimizing the feature as it raked in plenty of engagement for them. As new advancements like stories on Instagram, paid promotions, etc are expanding a whole new world of social advertising for promoters online, some businesses still have a hard time optimizing these paid and unpaid features.

Most businesses that complain that they are having a hard time taking off on Social Media but eventually, […]

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