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5 Ways to Get More People to Your Content

You know you have amazing content, but how do you drive traffic to it? How do you amplify its reach?

I interviewed several top B2B marketers to see how they’re doing it, and learned it starts before the content is created and doesn’t end when you hit “publish.”

1. Be your content’s PR team

The sheer amount of content getting shared online is one of the biggest distribution hurdles marketers face. As Perri Robinson, head of marketing at Meltwater, says, “No matter how good (your content) is, it matters how you are distributing it.”

Instead of ramping up the same old approaches, Perri and her team use a distribution strategy focused on building meaningful relationships with journalists and influencers:

We do this by monitoring which social media channels people are engaging with, as well as the themes and messaging that is resonating the best. Sometimes this differs depending on the channel.”

Developing a relationship requires more than an email that says, “Check out this content,” Perri says. “I create a dialogue. For example, I’d say, ‘I found tip five really useful, have you thought about doing this as well?’

If they’re interested, she offers or suggests another blog piece going into more detail about that one tip. This approach has resulted in a 16% increase in blog traffic month over month.

2. Advertise your best content

If you’ve got the budget, the fastest way to drive instant traffic to your content is more likely through paid social media, from promoted posts on Twitter to ads on Facebook. For the biggest effect, you need to spend wisely.

Gaetano Di Nardi, director of demand generation at Nextiva, shares his experience:

“Facebook Ads have really moved the needle for us, but we choose to only spend on high-value initiatives like e-books, webinars, and conferences. These are the things that tie back directly to lead generation, growth, and attendees at our events.”

For those who have the budget, paid promotion through Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels is great if you promote the right content. The key is promoting it to individuals. Dominik Elmiger, a digital marketer and teacher at Chartered Institute of Marketing, explains that social allows brands to blur the line between person and company. He says he’s seen great results for B2B brands adopting this individualized approach. […]

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