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    5 Top Tools for Collecting Customer Feedback

    Collecting customer feedback is an invaluable part of running a business, as it allows you to discover where customers are most or least satisfied with your business. You can quickly evaluate and address any complaints and concerns, and get an overall idea of where your business is exceeding or underperforming.

    There are a lot of useful tools for collecting customer feedback, and they all offer different features. Some are all-in-one customer analysis and behavioral tracking suites, while others simply focus on surveys.

    These are some top tools for collecting customer feedback, for different needs and price ranges.


    This tool from Broadly makes it super easy to collect customer feedback and reviews, through various platforms of your customer’s choice. Whether it’s Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, or other review platforms, Broadly will send emails or text to your customers asking for their experience, and the customer’s review is automatically published.

    Furthermore, Broadly also offers valuable services like real-time feedback, embedding 4 and 5-star reviews directly on your website, and a convenient dashboard to track your statistics. Other services from Broadly include putting live web chat on your website, so you can immediately correspond with customers, and customer leads generation. So all around, Broadly is a rather broad tool for marketing your business as well as collecting customer feedback.


    Qualaroo has some big brand name companies in their resume, including Burger King, Hertz, Starbucks, and Groupon. But they can also help small businesses improve their conversion rates as well, at affordable pricing options.

    Qualaroo is specifically a survey software that allows you to create forms, and pose surveys to your website visitors. You have multiple survey formats to choose from, including 2 Minute Setup, Target Questions, or Skip Logic.

    You can ask highly specific questions that depend on the visitor’s behavior on your website, and even tailor the surveys to be so precise that a visitor won’t get the same survey twice.

    There are a lot of great options here, and that’s what makes Qualaroo one of the most in-depth survey tools for collecting customer feedback. Pricing starts at $99 per month, and there’s a 14-day free trial you can avail.


    This is a great tool with a visually appealing user interface and some great customization options for your surveys. You can add images, custom fonts and text colors to spice up your survey pages and tailor them to your brand.

    GetFeedback has been compared to having a conversation with the customer, rather than just throwing a survey at their face. The survey is sent in a “thank you” email, and you receive their feedback. You can also set up website surveys, or other customer service channels.

    GetFeedback has several built-in survey templates, for things like collecting CSAT (customer satisfaction), Net Promoter score, employee engagement, product research, and more, along with being able to customize your own surveys.

    Pricing starts at $50 per month for the basic platform, and the advanced package for larger teams with multiple users goes up to around $150 per month.


    CustomerSure is an email-based survey tool, and survey feedback is collected into an easily navigable dashboard.

    Beyond that, you can also embed a CustomerSure widget directly on your website for direct feedback, and there are additional features such as Reviews and HelpDesk, which makes CustomerSure a nice all-around product with features beyond just customer surveys.

    Pricing starts at $49 per month, and as a free trial, you get one survey and unlimited responses.


    One of the most popular online survey tools with millions of users, SurveyMonkey is strictly a survey tool but offers a generous range of features. While you don’t have any advanced tools like customer analysis, SurveyMonkey works for its intended purpose.

    All you do is create a survey and send the link to customers through whatever means – your social media page, your website, email, etc. The surveys appear fairly basic and don’t have many customization options, which can be somewhat of a downer.

    However, SurveyMonkey generally has a response rate of around five to 15 percent, and the free plan allows you for a 10 question survey with 100 responses per month. The paid plan is $20 per month for unlimited questions and surveys, but still, there are no customization features to “brand” your surveys. Still, it’s probably the cheapest option on this list and is still useful for collecting customer feedback.


    Reevoo has a simple slogan – “Customers convincing customers. That’s not marketing. That’s life.”

    And what this means is that Reevoo takes the approach of getting reviews from their clients’ customers, and doing numerous things beforehand to verify the customers they approach. Basically, Reevoo is an awesome product for leaving the survey and customer feedback collection to a third-party company, which specializes in doing exactly those things.

    Reevoo will verify customer purchases and ask the customer questions about their purchase experience and service received, and give you the results. The best part, they’ll quickly notify you when they receive negative reviews, giving you speedy response time to address the customer complaint.

    There isn’t really a standard pricing plan for Reevoo, i.e. a monthly subscription. Your payment to Reevoo depends on how much feedback they’re able to collect for you.

    In conclusion, it’s clear that there are a number of customer feedback tools available on the market. Like anything, we’d recommend you to do your own research and trial a few different tools before deciding on one that suits your own business needs. Customer feedback is an important part of your business development; it’s time-consuming to manually collect feedback, so make sure you automate the process using one of these tools.


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