5 Innovative Construction Marketing Strategies Worth Exploring

Although print ads, brochures and flyers are the dominant forms of construction marketing, there are a range of contemporary and effective strategies that are far less utilized. The strategies discussed in this article are not meant to replace traditional methods, but rather complement marketing tactics that are currently being used. Furthermore these strategies better prepare construction companies for the future by appealing to millennials, many of whom are beginning to assume larger roles and becoming decision makers. These strategies have worked in other industries, and will prove to be successful in construction.

Have a responsive website

Before smartphones and tablets entered the market, websites were only designed for desktops and laptops.  Today, smartphones and tablets have overshadowed PCs. With a decrease in the popularity of desktop computers, many people preferring to browse on mobile devices. Advancements in smartphones and tablet technology have made these devices more reliable in recent years, and this trend will only continue to grow. With the use of mobile devices increasing in personal use, it is likely that these movements will begin to seep into professional spheres, which makes having a responsive website that much more important. With web traffic from mobile devices on the upswing, optimizing your website for mobile will be key in reaching potential customers.

Actively listen on social media

Another construction marketing strategy includes actively listening on social media. Although social media’s dominant use is content distribution and connecting with potential clients, the communication process can be extended much further. Rather than simply putting out content or promotional material, encourage customers and prospects to interact with your business, through Q&As, polls, and responding to posts. Posting about new products and deals is important, but carrying this process further will only help build lasting relationships with current customers. Also, those who see your commitment to social media may feel more engaged with your business, and give them incentive to partner with you. […]

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