5 Crucial Ingredients of a Successful B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

1. A comprehensive website One study by Hinge Marketing found that 80 per cent of consumers visits the website when scoping out B2B companies. In the B2B space, unlike in B2C, customers are not going to make decisions based on emotions. Instead, they will decide to engage with your company only after careful consideration using all resources available. Your website needs to cater to the discovery mindset that your audience approaches this research with. Your website content should present a clear picture of what your organization stands for, the services it provides, key differentiators, as well as testimonials and case studies for credibility. With 80 per cent of Indians accessing the internet through their phones, having a mobile-first design can also help your website perform better.

2. Content marketing for thought leadership B2B has longer lead times than B2C, often extending for several months or longer. Throughout this cycle, lead nurturing through targeted content marketing can be one of the most powerful ways to push leads down the conversion funnel. […]

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