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    4 Tactics Every B2B Marketer Needs to Embrace

    4 Tactics Every B2B Marketer Needs to Embrace

    Over the past decade, many B2B marketers have struggled to adapt to digital transformation, changes in consumer expectations, and mobile-first mind-sets. These factors have also significantly impacted the sales cycle.

    Whereas B2C brands focus on engaging individual consumers, B2B companies must engage multiple stakeholders within an organization—from C-level management to user-level personnel—throughout a lengthy sales cycle. This has made B2B marketing much more complex, as companies are forced to identify the right mix of tactics for each role and at each stage in the funnel in order to acquire customers and drive value.

    On the flip side, this disruption has also created new ways for B2B marketers to reach and engage with customers and prospects. Here are four key opportunities that B2B marketers must capitalize on in order to succeed in this new era.

    Track the Omnichannel Buyer’s Journey

    While digital transformation can be disruptive to any area of the business, marketing is one area that cannot afford to fall behind. B2B buyers are everyday consumers too, and they expect to have access to relevant, up-to-date content anywhere, anytime, and on the device of their choosing.

    To win their business, B2B marketers must be able to meet these demands and enhance the buyer experience in the moments that matter. But without the ability to track the consumer journey across multiple channels and devices, it’s impossible to assess the value of each interaction or identify the messages and tactics that move prospects closer to conversion.

    To be effective, B2B marketers must embrace digital-era technology, such as multi-touch attribution, that accounts for the omnichannel buyer’s journey and measures the influence of each […]

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