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    3 Ways To Use Social Media to Grow Your Blog

    When you have a blog you’re proud of that you believe is full of quality content, of course you’ll want to share that value with the world. Seeing content you worked hard on receiving positive engagement and shares motivates you to continue the process and keep your audience happy.

    If your blog is going to attract the attention you want, you have to create a proper growth strategy. The best way to do this is through social media networks. When utilized correctly, social media can end up being the number one thing bringing your blog traffic as it revolves around interaction and engagement.

    With Statista reporting more than three billion active social media users around the globe, why wouldn’t you take advantage of social channels to grow your blog? Whatever audience you have is in that pool of users so learning how to strategically use these platforms to draw them to your content is the main goal.

    Here are three ways you can use social media to grow your blog this year.

    1. Choose the right platforms

    No website or blog is going to cater to every single channel out there. If you sign up for accounts with several different platforms, you’ll likely end up with little interaction and will feel burned out trying to keep up with all of them at once. It doesn’t make sense to spread yourself thin rather than put your focus towards niche platforms that work for your brand.

    Whether your goal is to get more comments on your blog posts or drive more traffic, you need to know who your target audience is. Otherwise you won’t be able to identify who you’re marketing to and which channels will get your blog the highest traffic and engagement. Map out details that will tell you who they are, such as their demographics, why they’re the right target market, and what problems they need solved. […]

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