3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Website Data

For digital marketing and website teams, the inability to take data-driven marketing action soon enough is a frequent barrier toward online success.

Today, we face a variety of challenges, such as:

  • An overwhelming volume of data.
  • A tendency to over analyze data.
  • Stagnating websites.
  • Content creation that fails to deliver any results.

Businesses should maximize the untapped potential within their data on a monthly basis.

To achieve this, prioritizing data and building a culture of action-taking and experimentation is essential.

Here are some of my favorite data-driven actions and company culture changes that support search marketing success.

1. Have Processes in Place for Fast Recombining of Data Sets

As marketing experts, people want to spend time on the creative aspects of search marketing delivery.

Yet, for many, the initial roadblock preventing them from taking action stems from all of the dispersed data points they are expected to digest.

A typical marketing expert or manager is exposed to 20 or more different data tools and analytics packages.

Enabling easy distillation of all this data and bringing all the related data into a reduced set of several reference points will help ensure expertise time is being used on expert tasks.

At this stage, it is about considering all the data sources that matter most to the business.

You also need to make impactful decisions on: […]

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