3 Creative Valentine's Day Social Media Campaign Ideas

3 Creative Valentine’s Day Social Media Campaign Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a holiday rooted in romance, and consumers are more than happy to spend their money to show their affections. According to research from the National Retailers Federation shoppers are set to spend almost $20 billion on Valentine’s Day related purchases in 2018, and even those without a romantic partner are spending money by treating themselves to something special.

Given this, it may well be worth spreading some social media love this year. Here are three simple prompts to get you thinking about how you can tie your campaigns into the event.

1. Share Some Love

The truth is, not every company has a service that’s an easy sell for Valentine’s Day gifts – but that doesn’t mean you can’t capitalize on the season, and find new opportunities to engage with your audience. Let your customers know that you love them by providing themed content which provides value.

You could host a live Q&A, provide a limited time deal, or offer tips related to your business that people might find useful during this time of year. As long as your posts still match your brand personality, and remain authentic, you really can’t go wrong jumping in on some Valentine’s Day themed posts.

2. Embrace All Kinds of Love

While Valentine’s Day might have its roots in love between romantic couples, that’s not the only type of […]

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