10 Characteristics of a High-Quality Blog Post

How many times have you written a blog post that has faded into obscurity never to be seen again?

No views, no shares, and don’t even dream of any links.

Even worse, how many times have you commissioned content for your blog that is not delivering any direct measurables and you suspect the strategy involves throwing titles at the wall like spaghetti to see what sticks?

Writing a blog post is not sitting down and bashing out 500 words of whatever is on your mind or about what the CEO wants to talk about. Then grabbing an average stock image, loading, and hitting publish.

Writing a good blog post involves a lot more than knocking out copy when you feel the urge – you get out what you put in (garbage in, garbage out, GIGO).

Rand Fishkin first termed the phrase 10x Content on his Whiteboard Friday presentation in 2016. He offers great advice about what quality content requires, such as:

  • Optimal viewing on any device.
  • Trustworthy and useful.
  • Solves problems.
  • Delivers an emotional response.
  • Delivers content in a unique or remarkable way.

Just after this or around the same time, Brian Dean termed the phrase ‘skyscraper technique’ a similar concept that is based on finding the best content already ranking for your term and creating something better.

I’m not going to repeat what both Fishkin and Dean have said, so if you haven’t already, then I recommend reading both pages.

What I am going to offer you here are 10 steps with examples of other blogs as a foundation for creating high-quality and outstanding blog articles. […]

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