Why You Need Snapchat In Your B2B Marketing Pocket

Snapchat has come a long way since it burst on the scene 5 years ago. In fact, according to Bloomberg, it boasts over 161 million daily active users – more than Twitter, and an average of 9,000 snaps per second. The social media platform has seen tremendous user growth especially among teens, but platform usage is also exploding among adults, especially Millennials.

Snapchat could have become a passing trend, but instead, it’s proven to be an increasingly popular platform for sharing fun, entertaining, innovative, and engaging visual content for individuals and companies. That presents both B2C and B2B brands with a great opportunity draw audience engagement and to grow brand affinity. While 45 percent of Snapchat users are in the 18-24 age range, and 25 percent among the 24-34 demographic, there has been a surge in users over the age of 35, according to a recent Business Insider report. And, B2B marketers have taken notice.

In fact, B2C brands from large corporations to small startups are already actively participating on the Snapchat platform, but B2B have gotten on the bandwagon more slowly. And while it may be a little better suited for standard B2C brands to fit in, now that Snapchat has gone mainstream, it’s a good time to find out if it’s a good fit with your marketing strategy. Getting started requires little to no investment, so dip your foot in and see if it makes sense for your audience, branding, and business objectives.

Below are a few examples of how your B2B company should approach Snapchat to grow your brand and engage your audience.

Follow B2C Brands For Inspiration

When it comes to starting off on Snapchat, it can pay to follow the existing leaders. There are already many major B2C brands that have invested time (and for some, considerable money) into their Snapchat efforts, so it’s wise to check them out before diving in. Follow some of your favorite brands and keep an eye out for the snaps they post that grab your attention as a consumer and look for ways to maximize their B2C marketing and viral techniques into your B2B brand’s efforts. Along with some old-school standards like Amazon (@amazon) and General Electric (@generalelectric), check out some of these more innovative brands:

Provide Value

Every piece of marketing content you create, including social media content and your snaps need to have value for your target audience. Aim to create entertaining, inspiring, or educational content that engages and keeps your audience returning for more. An interesting way approach this is to provide your audience with a sneak peek at what is going on around the office, the latest product you are developing, or what’s happening at tradeshows.

Make Use Of Snapchat’s Features 

To make your stories and snaps stand out to the audience, use filters, drawings, emojis filters, text and drawings to add some personal vibrancy and eye candy to keep your target audience engaged with your message.

Leverage Other Social Media Channels For Snapchat Promotion

Use other social media platforms to announce your Snapchat presence. Snapchat is a unique social platform – one that is more fun and less formal – so let your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter followers know what they are missing out on. Post teasers encouraging them to follow your brand.

Remember That You Are Marketing To Consumers

It’s good to keep in mind that just because you are a B2B company, you are still marketing to consumers. The only difference is that while a B2C company may be marketing to individuals to buy their product or inspire loyalty to their brand, you are marketing to consumers who are responsible for purchasing a service or product for their business needs. Even B2B consumers search for great social content from brands that entertain, inspire and educate them.

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