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    Why is Predictive Marketing Important in 2019?

    Predictive marketing, or predictive analysis, is one of the critical concepts that you will use along the entirety of your customer lifecycle. With modern technology, you can literally see into the future of your customers to bring them more targeted ads and better promotions.

    What is Predictive Marketing?

    Predictive marketing can be defined as any activity that uses the customer data that you already have to assume the behavior patterns of customers in the future.

    What Makes a Strong Predictive Strategy?

    First, you need to have great data to build on. No matter how great your technology may be, garbage in, garbage out. Every predictive strategy that you create will be built on the data that you already have. This means you need to get rid of duplicate and inaccurate records before you attempt to predict anything from them.

    Second, you should employ the perspective and resources of a talented and experienced digital marketer. You can have all the data you want, but if you are not looking at it from the right angle, then you will surely calculate the incorrect relationships between the data and your customers.

    Third, you need to build up your tools for data collection and strategy implementation. The right data collection tool ensures that you have clean data to start with. Strategy implementation tech makes sure that you have the right connections enabled between the data and your customers.

    What is So Important About Predictive Analytics?

    • Improved lead scoring – Just becuase you have leads does not mean that you have business. Not all leads are created equal, and predictive marketing can help you prioritize the good ones from the bad.
    • Better segmentation for nurture campaigns – No two leads have the same value, and neither do lead nurturing campaigns. The most effective campaigns use segmentation in order to nurture specific leads along tracks that are most relevant to them. Collecting and interpreting the right behavorial and demographic data helps you push leads faster down the funnel.
    • Better content distribution – The right content marketing has the ability to give your campaign significant ROI. If your content is not being read, the content itself may not be at fault. Your distribution may be the culprit, and predictive marketing can help to determine if it is or not.
    • Lifetime value prediction – In the same way that it helps you score leads and distribute content, predictive marketing can help you more accurately predict the lifetime value of a customer.
    • Learning the churn – Predictive marketing is all about learning from your past mistakes. Learning from those past mistakes makes for better campaigns in the future. If you analyze the customers that you have already churned through your marketing platform, you can get the warning signs in the current customer base and make the necessary changes.
    • Better upsell opportunities – The same data that can be leveraged to find and market more effectively to new customers can also be used to upsell and cross sell. This data is actually some of the most valuable, because customers that have already bought from a company cost about 90% less to retain than finding new customers.

    The perspectives above represent only a few of the reasons that predictive marketing is so important in 2019. If you keep looking, you will certainly find more reasons to engage in the discussion.

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    Stay In-the-Know with Our Quarterly Printed Magazine, Navigate the Channel.

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