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    Why Guest Blogging is Worth the Effort

    Whether you own a traditional business or if the web is the foundation of your business, you can benefit from guest blogging. On the surface, it might seem as though guest blogging is an investment of time and effort unlikely to pay off. However, guest blogging has the potential to pay meaningful dividends in the form of an influx of online visitors who eventually convert into paying clients. Some such conversions will prove loyal to your business across posterity, providing essential revenue that facilitates growth and the capture of even more market share.

    Guest Blogs Drive Traffic to Your Online Footprint

    As long as your guest blog post features your name, your title and a link to your company’s website, blog, online store or social media page, it will steer web traffic your way in due time. Ideally, your guest blog post will contain several hyperlinks that redirect readers to the various aspects of your online footprint. However, if the host blogger is only willing to permit a single hyperlink in your byline, it will still help increase traffic to your site. After all, spiking web traffic for heightened exposure is the name of the game. This boost in traffic will spur subsequent email newsletter sign-ups, purchases, shares on social media and return visits.

    Plant the Seed of Authority in Readers’ Minds

    The quality of your guest blog post matters a great deal. The post should establish yourself and your business as a legitimate authority worthy of attention and reverence. This is your opportunity to provide valuable insight, educate the reader and help solve his or her problems. Think long and hard about the specific subject matter you would like to write about in order to establish yourself as an industry authority. Craft compelling content that proves indelible and readers of the blog where you make a guest appearance really will think of you and your specific business the next time they need or desire your unique value offering.

    Build Your Brand With Guest Blogging

    Winning market share is partially centered on overcoming the challenge of establishing a memorable brand. Guest blogging gets your brand out there in the spotlight, providing exposure to a new audience. Many of these readers will remember your brand after reading or skimming your guest blog post. In fact, some of them will share the post with friends, family and others on social media, providing even more critically important brand exposure.

    Guest Blogging for Link Building

    Google’s search engine algorithms reward online content that contains links. Your guest blog post should link to inbound pages of your own website along with outside pages for optimal search engine optimization or SEO for short. In short, prudent guest blogging rounds out your company’s link building strategy. However, it is a mistake to overload your guest blog post with an excessive number of links back to your website, social media pages, blog, etc. Strategically implement several links to various components of your company’s online footprint and it will boost your SEO push. Furthermore, a good number of readers will click those links and subsequently read your website’s content. These essential links can be added to the body of the guest blog post as well as your author bio section. When in doubt, link readers directly to your company’s homepage so they get a true sense of what your company is really all about.

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    Elton's career spans media, production, digital and building industry expertise. His diverse experience makes him nimble, innovative, and curious – always pushing the envelope to create extraordinary work that delivers real results for our clients.

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